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We provide Residential and Commercial cleaning services for the Sioux Falls Area including Tea, Harrisburg, Brandon, and Hartford.

Home Cleaning

Subscribed or One-Time Cleaning Services for Personal Residences

Residential Property Management Cleaning

Cleaning Service for Common Areas or Move-Out Cleans

Commercial & Office Cleaning

Regular Cleaning to Upkeep your Office or Place of Business

We are a Family Run Company

Mother & Son DUO

Camila ran an identical small business in San Diego for over ten years. Brian, following his passion for complex problem solving, became an IT Technician after vocational college. A few years after South Dakota became home, they saw an opportunity to combine their skills and start a new company together.


Our Philosophy

Reliable & Organized

Camila has a natural talent for paying attention to detail and creating a clean and organized living space, thanks to her passion and experience in taking care of her own family's home as well as hundreds of clients in San Diego. Brian, on the other hand, is an IT Professional who is passionate about using technology to streamline their operations and enhance their clients' experience. His passion for technology and business efficiency is evident in the use of software systems that make their cleaning services effective and greatly improve communications with clients.

Why it Matters

Together, Camila and Brian bring their passion for cleanliness and organization to every aspect of their business, ensuring that their clients always receive top-notch cleaning services that exceed expectations. They know how important it is to have a clean home and how that can provide people with more peace of mind, focus, and time with family.

Relax, morning tea and woman with dog on a home living room couch feeling calm with happy

What is this tech we speak of?

The Falls Cleaning Company Difference

  • Create an account with us to modify, reschedule, review, & rate orders.

  • Receive automatic text or email reminders & notifications about upcoming orders.

  • 100% Accurate booking form so there are never any unexpected charges.

  • See live current availability when booking, so you can count on getting the time-slot you need.

Subscribe to regular cleaning and feel the difference forever!
Tiny Details Matter!
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